I am a 70 year old crossdressing man. Under the names Sherry, Robert Sherry, or docrobbysherry, you may have seen me in the TV documentary, Secrets of the Living Dolls. And, I've done guests spots on other TV shows. 

I appear regularly at various male to female trans, crossdresser, costume, and fetish events. 5 years at the SCC in Atlanta. 6 years at Diva Las Vegas. 4 years at the Rubberdoll World Rendezvous in Minneapolis. And, 2 years at WildSide in Vegas. I also attend vanilla costume events regularly nearby and hang with a group of trans and dressers in SoCal. 

I live, work, and prepare Sherry's odd, kinky, and nuanced Picto Story productions in the OC. Orange County, SoCal. I am single, straight, and live with my college age disapproving daughter. What makes me a bit different from other trans and criossdressers is my compulsion to appear as an attractive, sexy, and younger female. To that end, I wear masks, (most home made), silicone prosthesis, and use every trick in the book, (except PhotoShop), to help Sherry appear to be any woman I imagine her to be! My stories are simply a projection of her living out that woman's adventures. Whether they be mundane, superhuman, or pure fantasy! Ain't life fun?