__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________-Charlie is just walking back from the men's room in the Saddle Horn Saloon and Roadhouse when someone calls his name: "Charlie Cooper, is that u", the woman asked?----------------- "Uh, yeah. Who r-----wait, Elly Mae Withers? Is that u", he stuttered?---------------------"I'm surprised u remembered me because I haven't seen u since high school. It's Elly Mae Owens now. I got married", she explained.------------------"How could I forget u? Head cheerleader, class secretary, and homecoming queen. We had a few classes together over the years at Hickson High. How the heck did u remember me? I wasn't in your cool, popular crowd", he asked but thot to himself, "U wouldn't have been caught dead talking to me back then, would u? Too worried about loosing your precious soc standing." -----------------"I remember u, Charlie. U were kind of a loner and didn't seem to give a shit what anyone thot of u. I respected that", Elly Mae said, but thot, "U were a weird, skinny, kid and clueless how to fit in. I wouldn't have been caught dead talking to u."-----------------"Weren't u dating our big man on campus, Butch Owens, the football hero", Charlie cracked, "I guess u married him. How's that going?"-------------"Yeah, we were married. He got a free ride at State Uni. here in Riverglen. I came up with him. He took the team to the state finals and was drafted by the Hurricanes. Got a huge signing bonus but messed up his knee in a practice scrimmage and never was the same. We got married and I went to work as a secretary with Diamond Tool and Steel here. We had 2 kids. One day I came home from work early and found him loaded and in bed with the cute physical therapist the team provided for him. That was it", she exclaimed! Actually, she had given him a choice to take her or his druggy therapist. And, he chose the her!-